Solid Rock BC

Since 2007, SRBC has been "Reaching & teaching our world to build upon the Solid Rock"

In 2007, the Solid Rock Baptist Church was a start-up ministry consisting of a handful of families that were meeting weekly in houses around the Pendleton area. It was led by the founding pastor, Robert Hargis. The church was deeply desiring permanency and seeking the Lord to give them a building. The first of many rental spaces was the Pendleton Heights High School cafeteria. Members took time loading and unloading church belongings in between the preaching and fellowship times. Everyone was hopeful! They wanted to see God work in their church and in their community! 
By 2008, Pastor Hargis met with the owner of a store front facility and for the next two years it became the home to Solid Rock. His vision was to add missionary works, staff, and community involvement as quickly as possible. God's plan was bigger than the church could've imagined. 
After prayerfully and faithfully serving the Lord, the people of Solid Rock received their first youth director and Associate Pastor, Aaron Hargis, in the summer of 2010. That same year, the church obtained a large gym facility to remodel into what is now the current worship center. With the staff and facilities now in place, God's direction was clear. Fill your building with people needing Jesus! Solid Rock has determined to make Jesus the focus and people their mission. Through door-knocking hundreds of doors each week, community involvement projects, and preaching God's Word with conviction, we have seen countless saved and join in the SRBC family. 
While the church had become an established part of the Pendleton Community, and the work is continuing to impact the lives of people locally and across the world, Pastor Hargis felt the calling to minister in a new place in 2016. Efforts for an easy transition were put into place. David and Kaylynn Young joined the ministry team to help in the Children's Ministries and operations of the youth department. God confirmed Pastor Hargis' calling in many miraculous ways and in July of 2018, Solid Rock Baptist Church called their Associate into the full-time lead Pastor position. 
Today, the Solid Rock Baptist Church is a thriving testimony that God is still in the business of impacting lives, growing His church, and taking care of His people! Words could not describe God's goodness to this place, and all the glory belongs to Him! Through the leadership of Pastor Aaron Hargis, the vision is thriving, families are connecting, people rescued, and victories are being won. To God be all the glory for His wonderful works at Solid Rock Baptist Church!